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Ancient Wisdom

Serving size 2g

Add anywhere from half a teaspoon to a rounded teaspoon (depending on your preference) to a mug of your favourite milk & warm gently on the stove. It’s a great idea to also add either some coconut oil (1/2 tsp) or a slug of organic cream to the mix, as fat helps the body absorb the active ingredient in the turmeric. Honey or maple syrup is also added to taste if required. You can also have your barista make this – simply steam the milk with the mix & fat together. 


Brazen Imposter

Serving Size 3g

Place a generous teaspoon in a warmed pot or your cup strainer. Pour over some freshly boiled water and let it brew for 3-5 minutes. Add milk, sugar or lemon to taste, return to bed (or sit somewhere peaceful) and enjoy. This tea is also gutsy enough to serve alongside a classic big breakfast fry up – eggs, bacon, tomatoes, avo – the choices are endless.


Buckingham Brew

Clean Up Your Act

Serving Size 3g

As always, warm your pot (or cup), then use 1 teaspoon of tea per person (plus one for the pot)  & add boiling water. Wrap or cover your pot to keep cosy as you allow it 5 minutes to brew to perfection. You might make an extra thermos of this to take with you to work so you can continue the virtuousness all day long…


Green With Envy

Serving size 2g

Warm your pot first – swish around some hot water and tip out. This tea is quite delicate and we really like to use only a scant teaspoon per person, but you’ll work out your own taste preference. Green tea benefits from a slightly lower temperature than other teas. If you have one of those fancy kettles it will have a green tea setting at 85 degrees. If on the other hand you have an ordinary kettle (like we do), let it come to almost but not quite boiled (if your kettle is clear, this is when little trails of bubbles start to appear, like when you poach eggs). Pour the water over the tea and allow to steep for 2-3 minutes. We choose a teapot that has a removable strainer here, or use a tea ball as, unlike many of our other teas, we don’t like to let this keep getting stronger. You can always pop the strainer back for a second pot. Choose your finest china for this – we have a beautiful, ornate pot with very delicate cups and it is just divine to serve this in it!


Liquid Love

Serving Size 3g

This brew can be made subtle & delicate, or strong & sweet, so choose anywhere from a scant teaspoon to two teaspoons per cup depending on your preference! In summer, make a really strong brew, pour it over ice then add lashings of tonic & a cheeky shot of gin. In the cooler months, gather your loved ones, warm a pot, add boiling water to the tea & brew for 3-5 minutes before sharing. You can easily add more hot water to the pot as you deplete it & it will keep on delivering! Group hug!!!


Live Wire

Serving Size 3g

As always, we love to warm the pot a little prior to brewing. One generous teaspoon of Live Wire per person & one for the pot for good measure. Pour over boiling water, wrap the pot in a tea cosy (or a tea towel) & allow to brew for 5-8 minutes. This is also wonderful served cold & we’d suggest hiding it in your water bottle at the gym for secret weapon support!!


Mistress Of Spice

Serving Size 5g

This chai is super versatile – you can brew it as a tea or make it as a latte.  If you’re short on time, simply use a teaspoon to a generous tablespoon to achieve your desired strength and add boiling water. Give it a good 5 minutes to infuse. If you’ve got more time, make up a pot full on the stove – a tablespoon per person & one for the pot for good measure. Bring to the boil, cover & reduce to a simmer for at least 15 minutes, adding a bit of coconut sugar or honey if you choose. You can also brew with milk to make a stovetop latte – absolutely delicious. At yoga retreats, we have a huge stock pot on a back burner all day & the perfume wafts out across the studio – heavenly! You can even do a second brew once your mix is strained – we use it for soaking bircher muesli, making chia puddings or porridge. A brew can also be chilled & kids love it when it’s made into wonderful icy poles in summer!


Shades Of Grey

Serving Size 3g

As always, warm your pot (or cup), then use 1 teaspoon of tea per person (plus one for the pot) & add boiling water. Wrap or cover your pot to keep cosy as you allow it five minutes to brew to perfection. Serve with lemon or milk, & make sure you choose a favourite china teacup to serve. Find a quiet spot in your home or garden to sit, sip & meditate on just how good life is…


Slumber My Darling

Serving Size 2g

Find your prettiest teapot, (a little glass one is divine for how gorgeous this tea is!) warm it & then add one rounded spoon of Slumber my Darling per person. You can add one for the pot if there are a few people. Pour boiling water over, brew for 3 – 5 minutes. We always like to use a tea cosy to keep it warm as it works its magic. Some people like to sweeten with a little honey, & while that’s an idea if you have a cold, the chamomile we’ve sourced is so damn good, it tastes like honey all on its own. NOW – when you’ve finished the brew, don’t throw the leaves out. Keep & chill in the fridge, wrapped in a little muslin cloth. Applied to the eyes it can reduce puffiness, & can calm acne or sunburn. You can even toss it in your bath and your whole body (& hair) will love you for it.


Spice Up Your Life (Mulled Wine Spice Mix)

It starts with the wine- choosing a nice bottle of Merlot, Grenache, or Cabernet Sauvignon is a great start. A Shiraz or Syrah will work as well, as long as they have more fruit than tannin.

Now, here’s some good news: if you only have a bottle on hand that’s… well… a bit average… then this recipe will wave a virtual magic wand and transform it more effectively than Cinderella’s coach! (We promise, no pumpkin at midnight!)

Grab yourself a heavy bottomed pot (or even your slow cooker!) and if you have a heat diffuser pad pop that on the element beneath the pot. The key to success here is a really low slow heat. Pour in your bottle (or more!) of wine, and you can add up to 3/4 cup of water (or even a dash of apple or orange juice!) per bottle to stretch things a little here if desired. Take “Spice Up Your Life”, shake it well and add about 15g, or a large serving spoons worth per bottle ofwine. (You can refine this with more or less according to your personal taste.) Next, add a sweetener. I use somewhere between 1/3 to 3/4 cup of honey to taste, depending on my mood, the wine and who I’m serving. (My adult offspring both have quite a sweet tooth compared to me!) You can also use brown sugar, panela or rapadura sugar as well - remember that this is a very forgiving recipe that is easily adapted to what’s on hand - there are no hard and fast rules at all.

Finally, since we are talking personal taste, if you REALLY want to fancy things up for Christmas or those cold winter nights, you can add an optional slug of brandy if you choose. You can keep the pot on low heat for a few hours as long as it’s just steaming quietly, not boiling. But I challenge you to keep it that long. It’s delicious, and is likely to disappear faster than Cinderella did when the clock struck 12…II

Sweet Clarity

Serving Size 2g

As always, we love to warm the pot a little prior to brewing. One generous teaspoon of Sweet Clarity per person & one for the pot for good measure. Pour boiling water over, wrap the pot in a tea cosy (or a tea towel) & allow to brew for 5-8 minutes. A fabulous start to your morning, this is also lovely to serve with an afternoon tea to cut through the sweetness of a chocolate brownie, or to keep you going when that work assignment demands some after-hours attention.


Two To Tango

Serving Size 3g

This tea benefits from a generous amount of time to brew. If you’re making a pot, (which is a great idea, as you can pop some in a thermos to see you through the day) add a generously rounded teaspoon per cup plus one for the pot. Pour boiling water over the tea, then tuck your pot up in Grandma’s crocheted tea cosy (or a tea towel if this vital tool is missing from your life) and let brew for at least 5 minutes. Longer is always better – it’s worth the wait. In cold weather, this is a tea that can be sipped all day long, and in warmer weather, a morning cup or one before meals will help your digestion. As an iced tea, you can mix it with lashings of fresh soda water and ice and garnish with lemon and a sprig of mint or lemon verbena!


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