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Green with Envy [Jasmine & Sencha]

Green with Envy [Jasmine & Sencha]

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A complex yet delicate blend of exquisite organic Australian grown Japanese sencha enhanced by the seductive flavour & aroma of jasmine – utterly divine & deserving of your finest china tea set.

 Why we made this:

Ok – truth time! While Kerry has always been a passionate advocate of food as medicine (cheese & red wine in moderation is healthy, right?!) the one area that she struggled with was incorporating green tea. The health benefits of green tea are undeniably huge, with many studies attesting to them, but why do so many of them have to taste bitter??? So we set out to make a blend that she really loved. After searching for and discarding many sencha teas, we discovered one that was truly divine. Grown organically on a small estate here in Australia from imported Japanese sencha bushes, this gave us the delicate, fresh floral notes that we were after. We blended it with a beautiful Jasmine, to highlight the lovely perfume like qualities, and to provide a really well rounded tea.

Health Benefits:

Together, Sencha & Jasmine offer extraordinary health benefits. They are rich in antioxidants & polyphenols, which are understood to reduce inflammation and fight cancer. There is sufficient caffeine to improve the firing of neurons and the concentration of neurotransmitters in the brain without the jittery effects of coffee. It’s been shown to enhance brain function and improve mood, vigilance, reaction times & memory. It increases the action of GABA in the brain which reduces anxiety. Studies show promising results with the bioactive compounds offering protective effects on the brain in cases of Parkinson’s & Alzheimers. It also improves metabolic rate (thereby aiding weight loss), and lowers the growth of bacteria (benefitting dental health & oral hygiene). Controlled trials show it improves insulin sensitivity and lowers blood sugars. Woah! Over-achiever, or what?!?!

Brewing & Serving instructions:

Serving size 2g

Warm your pot first – swish around some hot water and tip out. This tea is quite delicate and we really like to use only a scant teaspoon per person, but you’ll work out your own taste preference. Green tea benefits from a slightly lower temperature than other teas. If you have one of those fancy kettles it will have a green tea setting at 85 degrees. If on the other hand you have an ordinary kettle (like we do), let it come to almost but not quite boiled (if your kettle is clear, this is when little trails of bubbles start to appear, like when you poach eggs). Pour the water over the tea and allow to steep for 2-3 minutes. We choose a teapot that has a removable strainer here, or use a tea ball as, unlike many of our other teas, we don’t like to let this keep getting stronger. You can always pop the strainer back for a second pot. Choose your finest china for this – we have a beautiful, ornate pot with very delicate cups and it is just divine to serve this in it!


Organic Australian grown Sencha [Australia] Organic Jasmine Green Tea [China]

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