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Slumber My Darling [Chamomile]

Slumber My Darling [Chamomile]

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If the outside world is driving you bonkers, Slumber my Darling’s sweet honey tones of organic chamomile are laced with soothing lavender and rose – one cup and you’ll float away on your own little zen cloud… sshhhh….

 Why we made this:

As a yoga teacher, Kerry is a big fan of sleep & relaxation, and thinks Kylie should be too!  While any attempt at a business conversation after about 7 at night is a write off as Kerry is already in wind down mode, (read: comatose) Kylie can still be motoring on like a jack-in-the-box at 2am! While the business survives because of this skill of hers, Kerry remains concerned for her adrenals. The challenge was set – how to make a tea that would support rest & rejuvenation. Chamomile, Rose & Lavender were chosen – together, these 3 ingredients are like a superhero sleep team. AND they could not look (and smell!) prettier if they tried…

Health Benefits:

Chamomile is well known for its calming qualities. It’s understood to boost the immune system & has both antibacterial & antimicrobial properties, so can be a great choice to both help prevent & treat colds & flu. Its antispasmodic qualities mean that it is wonderful for stomach discomfort & menstrual pain. It also has benefits for the skin both when used topically & when consumed. (See brewing instructions for some clever hints on this!) Rose is higher in Vitamin C than oranges, (helping your body absorb iron) and also provides us with a good dose of Vitamins A, B, E & K. It calms the stomach & supports liver & kidney function. Lavender has antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties & can assist indigestion & respiratory conditions. It is also deeply calming to the nervous system, supports good sleep & offers substantial adrenal support, helping combat the negative impact of stress on our bodies.

Brewing & Serving instructions:

Serving Size 2g

Find your prettiest teapot, (a little glass one is divine for how gorgeous this tea is!) warm it & then add one rounded spoon of Slumber my Darling per person. You can add one for the pot if there are a few people. Pour boiling water over, brew for 3 – 5 minutes. We always like to use a tea cosy to keep it warm as it works its magic. Some people like to sweeten with a little honey, & while that’s an idea if you have a cold, the chamomile we’ve sourced is so damn good, it tastes like honey all on its own. NOW – when you’ve finished the brew, don’t throw the leaves out. Keep & chill in the fridge, wrapped in a little muslin cloth. Applied to the eyes it can reduce puffiness, & can calm acne or sunburn. You can even toss it in your bath and your whole body (& hair) will love you for it.


Organic Chamomile Tea [Egypt], Organic Lavender, [China] Organic Rose petals [India]

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Alex stubna

Absolutely love this tea, always struggled getting and staying asleep but this little bad boy has literally saved me, I can’t sleep without my nightly tea, thank you Kerry and team!


My husband and I have this tea every night 😊 such great quality!

Julie Skipsey
Slumber my darling

Love the Koru Pantry teas, so happy to support a locally made business with such a high quality product, they are obviously made with love because it comes through in the tea! My night time tea routine now includes a big hug in a mug from the folks at Koru Pantry!!

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