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Brazen Imposter [Dandelion & Chicory Latte]

Brazen Imposter [Dandelion & Chicory Latte]

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The perfect (virtuous!) coffee substitute - not only is it rich, dark and delicious, but it’s a virtual Clark Kent - Superman in disguise - and a mighty weapon against a myriad of conditions!

 Why we made this:

Our lovely friend Kate at the gorgeous “Incy Wincy” cafe in Emerald called us up one day & said, “Are you ever going to make a dandelion latte?” We admitted we’d been pondering it – maybe we’d been dragging our heels because SOME of us are super reluctant to give up coffee no matter the doctor’s advice. So luckily she kicked us into gear, and here it is – The Brazen Imposter! We’ve blended chicory and dandelion – the two are related but bring slightly differing tastes, creating a more complex and beguiling palate. And now even those addicts amongst us have an alternative…

Health Benefits:

Chicory & Dandelion offer a variety of vitamins & trace elements & each has high levels of a clever little prebiotic known as inulin, which helps the gut build a healthy microbiome and create important chemicals to keep us healthy. They are rich in polyphenols & beta-carotene, offering protection against inflammation, cellular damage & oxidative stress. Promising studies indicate an improved insulin sensitivity & a reduction in blood sugar levels, making it a good choice for those with diabetes.

Rich, dark & delicious – all the taste of coffee but with a bucket load more health benefits!

Brewing & Serving instructions:

Serving Size 2g

For tea, simply pop a rounded teaspoon in a pot or cup strainer & pour boiling water on top. Allow to brew for a few minutes then enjoy. For a latte, add a rounded teaspoon to a mug of your favourite milk & warm gently on the stove. It’s a great idea to “bullet proof” it by adding either some coconut oil (1/2 tsp) or a slug of organic cream to the mix, as fat improves the body’s ability to absorb certain vitamins & minerals. Honey or maple syrup can be added to taste if required. You can also have your barista make this – let Brazen Imposter steep in a little hot water for a minute or so, then add the milk, plus your cream or coconut oil & steam.  Strain & serve.


Organic Dandelion [Morocco], Organic Chicory [Italy]

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Customer Reviews

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Elisse Schoer
Pretty bloody great

My housemate brought home a Brazen Imposter that he and his girlfriend had bought at a market whilst away for a weekend. Wellll.....i think i used most of the packet and the last remnants were fought over by all. I was stoked to find i could purchase more online. And so glad i bought some 'Live Wire' well as it is glorious!. Both seem to really soothe my stomach/digestion . I highly recommend both the Brazen Imposter and the Live Wire. Beautiful teas. Well done!!

Very nice

Beautiful tea that is also very healthy for you. Can enjoy anytime of the day.

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