Our Team

Our company was founded back in 2016, off the back of the delicious “Mistress of Spice” chai that Kerry was serving in her Camberwell yoga studio. 

Since then, our business has grown and evolved, and today the team consists of three partners who each bring their own unique skill set (and sense of humour!)
Regularly described by her 2 children as “the earth mother” or “hippy”, Kerry’s goal is to make her property (where our studio is based) as self sustainable as possible. Permaculture principles are employed in growing food and flowers to sell, and Benedict the Rooster can be heard crowing behind the studio as he herds his harem of hens. Kerry is happiest when pottering in the garden while the dogs play, teaching a yoga class, or experimenting in the kitchen with new blends. A pot of tea and a glass of wine to bookend the day can only be improved by sharing them with a friend. She’s our Creative Director, our gifted tea wizard and the reason our products taste so incredible. 
Dayne can best be described as charismatic and cheeky - a real people person. He’s also the owner of the biggest and kindest heart in the Southern Hemisphere. An awesome father to 2+2, he cooks a great duck a l’orange, makes a wicked lemon curd and mixes a lethal G&T. Some of his favourite pastimes are lifting crazy heavy weights, watching football or his nephew’s competitive motorsports racing, and enjoying all Melbourne has to offer with his lovely partner. He is our Sales and Relationships Director who spends  his time with our hospitality and corporate customers. He also keeps Kerry and Tash in stitches with his hilarious (fake) Scottish accent…
Tash is our digital whizz - our Director of Marketing and E-commerce. As a mum of two energetic young children, her natural state is simultaneously hyper focused and sleep deprived! Tash astounds us with her capacity to successfully conduct a meeting while trying to prevent her toddler from eating her computer mouse, or while solving a Nintendo challenge for her 6 yr old! Her life passion is embarking on journeys off the beaten path. Some of her favourite adventures have included backpacking in South Africa, humanitarian work in Timor Leste, and she once had her shoes eaten by a goat in Morocco… 


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