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Ancient Wisdom [Turmeric Latte]

Ancient Wisdom [Turmeric Latte]

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Ancient Ayurvedic medicine inspired this nourishing blend and our mission was to make it absolutely delicious. Organic spices offer anti-inflammatory and digestive benefits and we’re proud to say our customers tell us that the taste is unparalleled!

 Why we made this:

Kerry has been giving her kids this for years and years – it’s always made the perfect soothing bedtime drink. When it became “trendy” and hit the cafes, she tried one & her first thought was, honestly, “Woah, people really are beginning to care about their health, ‘cause this is NOT the nicest version of this drink.” She was determined to make one that people would LOVE. She took the idea to Kylie, who promptly said, “Only if you can make it delicious instead of medicinal – which I doubt”. Kerry loves to prove Kylie wrong. To be fair, she’s got to take her chances when they come. Kylie’s the brains of this outfit, Kerry’s just the kitchen bitch…

Health Benefits:

The active ingredient in turmeric – curcumin –  has a strong anti-inflammatory capacity, and its ability to improve the antioxidant capacity of the body means it can block free radicals and simultaneously boost the body’s natural defence systems. Curcumin boosts levels of the brain hormone BDNF, which increases the growth of new neurons and fights various degenerative processes in your brain. The line-up of spices is an exceptional blend not only of flavours, but of a frankly mind blowing list of medicinal benefits. Ancient medicine plus the results of modern testing show, amongst other things, the capacity to protect cells against DNA damage, to fight diabetes by managing the body’s response to insulin, to manage our cholesterol balance, to boost heart health, to combat bacterial infections & to defend against neurological disorders.

Brewing & Serving instructions:

Serving size 2g

Add anywhere from half a teaspoon to a rounded teaspoon (depending on your preference) to a mug of your favourite milk & warm gently on the stove. It’s a great idea to also add either some coconut oil (1/2 tsp) or a slug of organic cream to the mix, as fat helps the body absorb the active ingredient in the turmeric. Honey or maple syrup is also added to taste if required. You can also have your barista make this – simply steam the milk with the mix & fat together. 


Organic Turmeric [India], Organic Cinnamon [Sri Lanka], Organic Cardamom [Guatemala], Organic Nutmeg [Sri Lanka], Organic Ginger [Sri Lanka], Organic Black Pepper [India], Organic Vanilla [Madagascar]

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Customer Reviews

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Lovely tea

This turmeric mix is lovely. I have ordered plenty of it and drink it every day! Unfortunately, my package refill was not sealed when it arrived in the post this most recent time. It was a bit disappointing that the turmeric had leaked into the postal packaging. This is the first time this has happened though. All other packages have been lovely with nice notes and samples.

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