Live Wire - Yerba Mate and Mint Tea [Product of the Month]

This blend will plug you in & charge you up. Designed to provide you with the energy to dive in 100%, whether you’re lifting weights, running a marathon, tackling a deadline or just getting through the washing pile without strangling the kids! Live Wire will make you a lean, mean, productive machine!

Why we made this: 

When Kerry hit the other side of 50 she took up strength training. Ostensibly to fix her back (possibly with a hint of mid-life crisis denial) she found an incredible personal trainer in Matteo, of Resilience Health and Performance. 6 months later she kicked her first big goal, lifting her body weight. Only problem was that Matteo thought she should now aim for a 100kg lift… Help was needed, & Live Wire was created! Yerba Mate has been shown to help the body create energy – ATP, ADP & AMP  & metabolise fat as fuel (helpful given the perimenopause gift of weight gain!) The mental energy & focus are a huge bonus too  & now all we need is for you to keep the secret so Matteo doesn’t set the bar any higher just yet…


Yerba mate is like an Olympic weightlifter – it does way more than anyone thinks is possible! To start with, it is an adaptogen, a herbal pharmaceutical, which means it works to counteract the effects of stress on the body & rebalance its systems. Blood pressure reduces, the immune system improves, & the metabolism is boosted, becoming more efficient at burning fat for fuel. Its caffeine content has been shown to enhance alertness without the jittery effects coffee gives. In sports performance, muscle contractions improve & fatigue decreases – a winning combination. The antioxidants, polyphenols & flavonoids are all weapons in the fight against diabetes, neurodegenerative disease, cancer, asthma, stroke & diabetes. It’s understood to be a useful tool in weight management with compounds that act as an appetite suppressant & its ability to prioritise fat burning & increase satiety by slowing gastric emptying. We’ve partnered it with peppermint, star anise and liquorice, which between them offer adrenal, respiratory & digestive support, along with the ability to target migraines, clear sinuses, ease menstrual cramps & fight bacterial infections.

Brewing Instructions:

As always, we love to warm the pot a little prior to brewing. One generous teaspoon of Live Wire per person & one for the pot for good measure. Heat water to 80 degrees (or let the kettle sit for 5 minutes after boiling) the. Pour over the leaves. Wrap the pot in a tea cosy (or a tea towel) & allow to brew for 5-8 minutes. This is also wonderful served cold & we’d suggest hiding it in your water bottle at the gym for secret weapon support!!

How to include this tea in your daily life: 

One of the easiest ways we’ve found of setting a new habit is making things as easy as possible for ourselves. With that in mind, begin by setting an alarm on your phone to play each night before your usual bedtime. (Try this song: 😉

 Label it “set out tea for tomorrow” Head straight to the kitchen, grab the Live Wire canister, your favourite mug and your trusty tea strainer and set them out next to the kettle ready for when you stagger through in the morning. Try also making a flask for later in the day at the same time. 

When is the best time to have this tea? 

Despite the fact that  Live Wire’s caffeine does have a slow release action, I still make it a habit to have my last cup of this in the early afternoon to ensure a good sleep. Try swapping to Sweet Clarity  at this time of day if you’re a mint tea fan, and maybe move to Slumber my Darling or Liquid Love late afternoon or into the evening in preparation for and support of a great sleep. 

Get your hands on our own Live Wire HERE. We offer free shipping for all orders around Australia over $80 and free collection from our studio in Cockatoo, Victoria. 

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